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Eleni Foureria and A-P Records could win Eurovision

Andy on Thu, 05/10/2018 - 09:42

Cyprus artist, Eleni Foureria, has been emerged to win the Eurovision Song Contest with her song Fuego on Saturday’s final. A-P Records and Panik Records are the labels behind the song that has been written by a team of Swedish songwriters and distributed via Record Union.

On Saturday May 12th, the final of the 2018 edition of Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Lisbon, Portugal. Among the finalists stands Eleni Foureria from Cyprus, together with the record labels A-P Records and Panik Records. The song Fuego has, among others of Eleni Fourerias songs, been distributed on Record Union’s platform.

- Record Union is happy to work as a distribution partner to A-P Records and Panik Records. We’re very excited to watch and follow Eleni Foureria in the Eurovision Song Contest final on Saturday and we'll keep our fingers crossed for a win in Lisbon, says Johan Svanberg, CEO at Record Union.

Behind Fuego stands a team of Swedish songwriters: Alex Papaconstantinou, Geraldo Sandell, Anderz Wrethov, Viktor Svensson and David “Didrick” Franzén.

Ukraine’s first rehearsal: avant-garde props and fire alarm for MELOVIN

Andy on Wed, 05/02/2018 - 14:30

Ukrainian representative MELOVIN takes the Eurovision stage for his first rehearsal on May 2nd at the ‎Altice Arena in Lisbon, Portugal.

Impressive and literally fiery stage performance has all the potential to become the most discussed at this year’s Eurovision. After the furious staging at the national selection, MELOVIN brought to Lisbon turned on its head version of his entry song ‘Under the Ladder’. The stage act’s idea realised together with a Ukrainian stage director Konstantin Tomilchenko, who also staged Jamala’s winning “1944” performance back at Eurovision 2016.

Probably the most avant-garde and theatrical props of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest is a two-level gigantic piano brought to Lisbon by the Ukrainian delegation. The complex installation serves as a hidden spot for the singer at the very beginning of the staging and as music instrument on fire closer to the end. These props need a very sophisticated technical support. If operation button pressed a half second earlier or later there is a chance for MELOVIN to damage himself seriously. And let’s not forget about the fire need to be released exactly when the singer starts playing the piano.

‘Nothing but your will sets you on fire. Fire lasts forever’ - this line from my song inspired Konstantin Tomilchenko and me to create this theatrical staging. I wanted to keep the fire but kind of escalate the whole props story to another level. With Konstantin we share the same vision of how exactly my performance should look like and I also love what he’d done for Jamala, - MELOVIN says.

‘The installation looks impressive, and that’s exactly what we want to bring to Eurovision stage. I’m really worried about how it’s all gonna work together,’ – shares Konstantin Tomilchenko. – ‘We need to take extra cautions during rehearsals and at the Semi-Final.’

Jury members for the Eurovision 2018 revealed

Andy on Mon, 04/30/2018 - 11:33

The outcome of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest will be decided bythe public, alongside a group of expert juries in each of the 43 participating countries. Today EBU has announced the names of the 215 music industry professions who will cast their votes in the Semi-Finals and Grand Final of this year's contest.

⬇️ Download the full list of jury members (.pdf)…

Each national jury is made up of five music industry professionals who will evaluate each entry. The jury members are asked to judge the vocal capacity of the singer, the performance on stage, the composition and originality of the song and the overall impression of the act. Jurors rank all entries, except their own country's contribution.

There are strict admission rules in order to become a member of the jury.
Members of the jury must not have been part of the jury in the previous two years;
Members of the jury must be at least 16 years old on the day they vote;
Members of the jury must not be employees of Participating Broadcasters;
Members of the jury must pursue a profession in or related to the music industry;
Members of the jury shall be citizens of the country they represent;
No member of a jury shall be connected in any way with any of the participating songs entered and/or artists performing in the contest in such a way that they cannot vote in complete independence and impartiality.
Juries are selected by the Participating Broadcaster that represents each country. For example; the Belgian jury is appointed by VRT, while the Greek jury is appointed by the ERT, and so on.

A total of 215 jurors — five in each of the 43 participating countries — will vote. Each broadcaster also appoints a backup juror, in case one of the five jury members becomes unavailable (not listed).
The youngest juror, aged 16, comes from Estonia. The oldest, at 74, is part of the Croatian jury;
The average age of the jurors is 40.8 years old, just a few months older than last year's average;
102 jurors are female, 113 are male;
Georgia, Lithuania and Montenegro all invited professors to their jury.
Several of this year's jurors have previously participated in the Eurovision Song Contest.
The list includes two winners; Emmelie de Forest won the contest 2013 for Denmark and Niamh Kavanagh won the 1993 contest for Ireland;
Bob Savenberg, who represented Belgium as part of the group Clouseau in 1991;
Hanne Haugsand, who represented Norway as part of the group Charmed in 2000;
Tom Dice, who represented Belgium in 2010;
Cristina Scarlat, who sang for Moldova in 2014;
Bojana Stamenov, who represented Serbia in 2015;
Aminata Savadogo, who represented Latvia in 2015;
Amber, who represented Malta in 2015;
Laura Tesoro, who represented Belgium in 2016.

MELOVIN releases his mysterious music video for ‘Under the Ladder’

Andy on Mon, 04/30/2018 - 09:54

Ukrainian singer released the music video for his Eurovision entry song ‘Under the Ladder’. The shooting took place in Kyiv and lasted about 24 hours with challenging fire scenes nearly stop the whole process and left the singer with burned hands.

After his fiery staging at the national selection, no wonder MELOVIN wanted to carry on the burning theme in his mysterious music video. The saying goes “If you play with fire, you're gonna get burned” which had almost literally happened with the singer on the set. According to the director’s idea, witchy femme fatale, played by Top Model of the World 2017 Julia Gershun, wants to seduce MELOVIN and convert him to the dark side. However, the singer is strong enough to her enchantment and breaks himself from bonds closer to the end of the music video with spectacular playing-the-piano-on-fire scenes. For greater reality team used the real fire on hands with special protection.

“At some point, I just felt like my hands are actually on fire and asked to check if the protection is still working. Needless to say, it all nearly gone by that time due to the endless takes. Out team fixed everything, we finished the shooting without burning flash and I love the result. What is this video about? It’s about the resistance and the re-birth, growth and releasing your inner power,” - MELOVIN says.

Press information from Belgium

Press event at Eurovision-Spain Pre Party 2018

This afternoon, our Eurovision candidate Sennek took the airplane to Lisbon. She and our Belgian delegation land there tonight, and Sennek will rehearse tomorrow for the first time on the Eurovision stage tomorrow.

A lot of Belgian press came to wave Sennek off and to ask her for a final reaction before her flight. Peter Van de Veire, the Belgian radio host who will provide the commentary for Belgium during the live shows, was also there to wave her off.
Tomorrow Sennek wil have her first rehearsal on the stage, with her full outfit and the act. This will be the first time that her outfit is revealed.

Here you can find pictures of Sennek’s departure at Brussels Airport: (copyright is VRT/Sofie Silbermann)

Sennek will perform her song A Matter Of Time in the first semi-final on Tuesday the 8th of May.

Press release - Sanja Ilic & Balkanika release English version of Eurovision song

Desiree on Fri, 04/27/2018 - 21:26

The song “New children” has a strong message that speaks about new and modern generations that are able to change the world into a better and more beautiful place, where love and peace leads. The reggae arrangement of the song happened spontaneously during the group’s studio session and they decided to leave it that way.

The author of the English lyrics is Serbian producer, songwriter and artist Luke Black whose song “Demons” was one of the potential representatives for Serbia in 2016.

Sanja Ilic & Balkanika will perform third at the second semi final on May 10th. They will perform the Serbian version of their entry on the Eurovision stage with 6 performers - three female vocalists, one male vocalist, a percussionist and a flute player. They will wear costumes by Serbian fashion designer Nevena Ivanovic (Neodesign) and choreography will be by Milan Gromilić. They will also work with director Gorčin Stojanović, who made the winning Eurovision performance of Marija Šerifović with song “Molitva” in Helsinki.



Follow Sanja Iić & Balkanika:



A short message from the Maltese Team....

Irish Reception in Kyiv

Dear All,

Claudia Faniello, would like to thank you for taking the time to come to her Press Conference, Meet and Greet and interview her.

She is very grateful for all the support you showed to her so far and hope that you will continue to support her through Semi final 2.

VOTE for MALTA......Song Number 4...... Breathlessly

Rodianne Caligari

DQ's Alive!

Andy on Fri, 05/06/2016 - 14:24

New single release from DQ on May 11th, 2016, and those of you who are in Stockholm for Eurovision, will be the first to hear it performed live at EuroClub on Wednesday at midnight.

It's no coincident that he choose to release his song while there's Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm.

“Eurovision Song Contest is very dear to me. I've always been a huge fan and round this time of year it's like Christmas to me. Something I look forward to and that time of year that I feel the most alive!" Says DQ. His new single bares the title “I’m Alive”.

Next stop Stockholm
Congratulation he will arrive... in Stockholm next week, to guest EuroClub and Euro Fan Cafe to various events and to take part in the big and spectacular Eurovision extravaganza.

“I'm happy and honoured to join you all in Stockholm and to “Come Together” in one big and sharing musical Eurovision "love bubble"!”

On stage with more Stars of Eurovision
DQ will make his appearance together with other special guests in the concert at EuroClub on Wednesday the 11th. Earlier the same day he will pop by Euro Fan Cafe for a Meet and Greet. And Tuesday night he will guest the karaoke bar at EuroClub and sing his frocks off.

“I will perform in the great Eurovision-Show in Euroclub together with other Eurovision artists. On the night I will also sing my new single "I'm Alive" and Drama Queen of cause among other ESC evergreens. Can't wait to spend some nights singing with you guys, Eurovision-fans are the best party people in the world!”.

10 year anniversary next year
“I’m Alive” is the newest single edition to next years album release. It's written by the well known Eurovision composers Christina Schilling, Camilla Gottschalck and William Taylor. In the beginning of 2017 it will be 10 years ago since we met the artist DQ for the first time in the Danish Melodi Grand Prix and ended up representing Denmark in Eurovision 2007.

Last year he released the two singles “All With Love” and “Dance With The Stars”, all three of them will be included on his album.

Meet DQ in Stockholm!
10/5, 24:00: Special guest at the karaoke bar in EuroClub.
11/5, 16:30: Meet and Greet på Euro Fan Cafe.
11/5, 24:00: Premier on “I’m Alive” and Eurovision Concert in EuroClub

Today May 6: Festival starts in Eurovision Village and Euro Fan Café

Andy on Fri, 05/06/2016 - 07:55

The Eurovision Village festival in Kungsträdgården starts today. The Choir established by ABBA the Museum, the popular Swedish artist Martin Stenmarck and the Soul Train Club are some of the highlights in the programme.

Stora scenen
17:45–17:55 Presenting: Poli Genova from Bulgarien

Poli Genova represents Bulgaria in Eurovision Song Contest 2016 with the song ”If love was a crime”.

18:00–18:15 Presenting: Rykka from Switzerland

Christina Maria Rieder, also known as Rykka, represents Switzerland in
Eurovision Song Contest 2016 with the sumptuous ballad “Last of Our Kind”.

18:15–18:35 Presenting: Eneda Tarifa from Albania

Eneda Tarifa represents Albania in Eurovision Song Contest 2016 with
the RnB-song “Fairytale”. In Albania she is known as an actress, TV-host,
songwriter and singer.

18:40–18:50 Presenting: Argo from Greece
Argo represents Greece in Eurovision Song Contest 2016 with the song ”Utopian Land”.

19:00–19:45 The Choir established by ABBA the Museum

ABBA’s immortal songs in a magical choir setting. Listen to Dancing
Queen and other gems in The Choir’s repertoire. The choir
was started by ABBA The Museum to celebrate the 40 year anniversary
of ABBA’s international breakthrough at the Eurovision Song Contest in
Brighton 1974.

20:00–21:00 Martin Stenmarck

Martin Stenmarck’s big breakthrough came when he won Melodifestivalen 2005 with the song ”Las Vegas”. This year he competed with the song “Du tar mig tillbaks”. He will perform in Eurovision Village with his own band.

12:00–15:00 Bollywood Opera

Rossini’s comical opera ”Italian girl in Algiers” has been transformed into a fantastic Bollywood-film performance. The opera is a unique performance with a large ensemble consisting of opera singers, musicians, dancers and children, both professional, internationally known stars and amateurs from Botkyrka. They let us revel in sensuous Rossini coloraturas and Bollywood dancing in a colourful firework of festive music and dancing. On the stage in Dammen in Eurovision Village we will get a sample from the coming show.

21:30–00:00 Club night: Soul train

An evening with a superb mix of soul, funk, disco and RnB from the
70’s until today. The club is hosted by DJ Anders Müller and René Disteli
Hedemyr, a duo that has filled dance floors every night for four years.
Now the club will move out to Dammen in Eurovision Village for one
evening. Don’t miss!