The Israeli entry to the Eurovision Song Contest will be performed by 27-year-old Kobi Marimi who brings unique vocal capabilities and a magnetic personality. With 'Home' as the chosen song, Kobi would definitely deliver sleek elegance and a powerful performance to the Eurovision Stage.

Kobi Marimi was born on October 8, 1991 and raised in Ramat Gan, Israel. Marimi has been singing since the age of 13 but has had no formal solo musical experience until his participation in Hakokhav Haba. In 2009 he has graduated from Ohel Shem High School, Theater Department in Ramat Gan, and later moved to Tel Aviv. In 2011 completed a vocal and performance course at "Muzic", Tel-Aviv. After graduation Marimi worked hard to support himself, for five years he worked as a cashier at the Lev Cinema in Tel Aviv and later as a cocktail bar host. During the army service, Marimi tried unsuccessfully to be accepted into a military troupe and later to the Israel Defense Forces Theater, and lost 50 kilograms of the weight. He served in the Paratroopers Brigade in Ramat Gan.

In 2014-2017, during his studies at the Nisan Nativ Acting Studio in Tel Aviv, to which he was accepted from the second attempt, he appeared in the plays The Caucasian Chalk Circle by Bertolt Brecht (singer/storyteller), The Comic Illusion by Pierre Corneille (Wizard Alcandre), The Memorial Prayer by Grigori Gorin (Menachem Mendel, the matchmaker), The Lady from Maxim's by Georges Feydeau (Emil) and others. Since graduating he performed in Every Living Thing Needs by Marina Beltov, Chambaloo's Treasure and performed the role of Natan of Gaza in Messiah Now by Ephraim Sidon for which he won the Promising Actor Award at the 2017 Musical Celebrations in Bat Yam. Marimi debuted in Israeli Opera in October 2018 in The Magic Flute by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Merimi performs in classical style, practising conventional vocals in a wide range and making "signature" differences from falsetto to baritone tenor within a single musical phrase.

On 12 February Marimi was crowned the winner of Israel's reality Hakokhav Haba (Rising Star), the most watched singing competition show on Israeli TV. Kobi won with the majority of the public votes and a special panel of music experts in the national selection final. The choice of the Israeli representative, was a collaboration between KAN, the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation, private broadcaster Keshet 12, and Tedy Productions, one of the most prominent and influential content and production houses in Israeli media.

During national Eurovision preselection Hakokhav Haba Marimi performed: "Sweet Dreams" (Beyoncé), "Jar of Hearts" (Christina Perri), "Mad World" (Michael Andrews and Gary Jules), "Fuego" (Eleni Foureira), "Circle Of Life" (Elton John), "This Is Me", "Diamonds" (Rihanna) being eliminated in Heat 4. However, organizers decided to return one of the contestants via wildcard round, which Kobi won with "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" (Bob Dylan). In the semifinal he has performed "Russian Roulette" (Rihanna) and "Hallelujah" (Leonard Cohen), and in the final: "Always" (Bon Jovi) and "Let It Be" (The Beatles).

"Kobi has all the professionalism, he knows what to do once he stands on the stage, but he really shakes like a mouse before any performance. But that does not bother me, because we have seen it does not affect his performance. He is really anxious, but this anxiety disappears entirely when he starts singing, you know when he impressed me the most, at the end when he won and everyone hugged him and jumped on him and there was confetti, and then he got the right tone and sang the song the best way. Then I realised we can really count on him at the Eurovision, he has Hakokhav Haba school and after it Eurovision will come with ease. Kobi is charismatic, he is different from anyone else, and he knows how to work with the camera. He definitely will stand out at the Eurovision", says producer of the show Yoav Tzafir.

"It's a kind of school, something that will be with me forever. When you do it on stage, you feel insecure, but the audience I was so afraid of turned out to be the most loving in the world in the end. So I learned how to take a risk", - said Marimi after winning the national competition

Culture and Sport Minister Miri Regev congratulated Marimi, saying that "with his unique voice, he impressed and excited the whole country. He proved that will and faith are stronger than anything - he returned to the program and won." "Kobi showed remarkable abilities on the stage that could not be ignored. I'm sure that he will prepare well in the remaining months and will represent our country at the Eurovision, here in Israel, with a great success. With Kobi we can do it again", Regev added, referring to the victory of Netta Barzilai at last year's contest.

Since he became Israel's Eurovision entrant, Kobi has become the nation's sweetheart. His soulful singing has brought him 'home', which is also the title of the song that has been written especially for him to perform at the competition by singers/songwriters Ohad Shragai and Inbar Wizman. "Home" is a "Soulful Ballad" which fuses Gospel and Contemporary Soul with Middle Eastern influences. The lyrics of the song focus on Kobi's own life journey; The long and difficult search for his own self-esteem. When he finds peace with he's true self and embraces the person he became, the realization that his heart yearns for HOME arrives. Kobi Marimi reacted to the song choice: "From first hearing the song really moved me and I connected to it immediately, I thank the committee for picking a song that fits me perfectly, and in a few days everyone will be able to share my emotions.".

The video was directed by one of Israel's leading directors, Guy Sagy who also directed "Diva" by Dana International,1998 Eurovision winner. The video clip was filmed in black and white, using classic shooting techniques that brings Kobi to the center and gives respect to his unique vocals. This year's entry, for the second time, is a co-production of 'Tedy Productions', one of the most prominent and influential content and production houses in the Israeli media, 'Kan', the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation and Israel's biggest media company with 3 broadcasting platforms and 'Keshet12', the country's leading commercial broadcast television channel.

Latest news

In an interview to Yedioth Ahronoth Kobi Marimi has responded to the divided reviews about his entry "Home".

"Maybe a few years ago I could not cope with such harsh reactions," Marimi says, "but I came to the program at the age of 27 and went through a mental process to deal with such reactions. I do not want to prove something to someone who writes against me, I prefer to focus on music and what is going to happen on stage. "

"At first, Neta Barzilai also received harsh reactions about Toy and we all know what happened at the end," he says, adding that betting odds will also change a lot after the stage presentations will become known.

However, he is pleased with those reactions which rated the song positively. "I was amazed how the important message of the song went through, a message of empowerment," said Merimi.

"Anyone who knows me a bit and follows my story in the Next Star can understand how important the song is to me: every person who has experienced something in life who was told that he is not good enough or thought he has no place in the world can connect to the song," says Marimi.

Only a month ago, Marimi was chosen to represent Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest, after winning the "Next Star" final. "I did not sleep for five days, only here and there for an hour or two," says Marimi. "I did not say it was hard for one second, it was fun, I dreamed about it. To represent my wonderful country is a great honor".

Unlike many contestants, Marimi reveals that he did not imagine his victory in the final and has not even celebrated it until today. "I do not know how it's possible to settle with such things. It's like if it is someone elses name Kobi Marimi and he won the show. I wanted to go to this kind of program for many years".

Even though he reached the final, Marimi reveals that he wanted the Shalva band to win "I did not think about winning in the final, I myself would vote for the Shalva band, it hurted me when they retired... Many people say to me, 'We knew you would win.' "I received a lot of compliments on the street, but I never knew how to compare to some other contestants, I knew that apart from going up and singing and giving my all, I had nothing to do."

Netta Barzilai gives support to Kobi Marimi: "In the past week I have noticed a wave of abnormal evil around Kobi...

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Israel will perform 14th in the Grand Final of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest.

As the producers of the show determine the running order of the Grand Final, the running order position of the host country is traditionally drawn during the Heads of Delegation meeting. Evi Papamichael, Head of Delegation from Cyprus, who finished second last year behind Israel's Netta, had the honour of executing the draw under supervision of Jon Ola Sand. The outcome: Israel will perform 14th in the Grand Final.

10/03: Music video for Home presented
10/03: Kobi Marimi's entry Home is released
10/03: Demo version by Ohad Shragai has been published

Teaser for the song "Home" performed by Kobi Marimi has been released. The song will be officially presented during the broadcast of Israeli TV Awards ceremony this Sunday on KAN 11 starting at 20:10 CET.

Speaking on Keshet 12's morning program songwriter of the Israeli entry Ohad Shragai said it was written with Kobi Marimi as the performer in mind.

"Being impressed during the show with his personality, we carefully thought, how to bring both his story and his vocal qualities into the song".

Yoav Tzafir, member of the selection committee, defined "Home" as "a ballad that begins from an intimate and moving place that will grow later and explodes at the end, the lyrics are very suitable for Kobi".

He informed that when Kobi listened to "Home" for the first time, his whole body shivered and he said, "I love the song." He added that Netta Barzilai, on the other hand, did not like "Toy" the first time she heard it.

"I believe it can reach the top ten. Now, when the season is over, it's a bit too much to expect Double, and let's settle down with that, please, it would be nice to say it in season, but there has to be a crazy miracle to make it happen. First of all, Europe will not let us win, it should really be a wow wow coincidence, we would do the best, but it would be a miracle of miracles if it happened, it's like turning the roulette, and your number coming out not once but five times in a row", added Tzafir in comment to Israel Hayom.

Kobi Marimi will perform song "Home" written by Ohad Shragai and Inbar Weitzman at the Eurovision in Tel Aviv, reported today broadcaster KAN, adding that it is "a touching ballad that will be perfect for Kobi's powerful voice".

Kobi Marimi reacted to the song choice: "From first hearing the song really moved me and I connected to it immediately, I thank the committee for picking a song that fits me perfectly, and in a few days everyone will be able to share my emotions.".

The song and music video will be revealed on March 10th during Academy Television Awards on KAN.

20/02: Three potential entries to be recorded by Marimi
18/02: Preselection committee has started its work

12/02: Kobi Marimi will represent Israel
12/02: Keshet prevents hacking attempt to influence the voting
12/02: Keshet wants to sell Eurovision preselection format to other countries
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18/11: New season starts on Saturday 24 November
13/11: More well known names to join next season of HaKokhav HaBa


Talent show הכוכב הבא לאירוויזיון (HaKokhav HaBa L'Eurovizion) (The Next Star for the Eurovision) will again be aimed to find the Israel's Eurovision participant. The Next Star airing on Keshet 12 was chosen as the Eurovision selection method following a tender issued by KAN, surpassing other possible selection methods such as The X Factor Israel and The Voice Israel broadcast on Reshet 13. The main criteria outlined by KAN in the tender is: The show must be broadcast over a number of months in a prime time slot; The selection of the Israeli artist must be completed by January 2019; The selected broadcaster must produce a variety of content with the selection promoted over multiple platforms. This will be the fifth year that the show has been used to select the Israeli participant for the Eurovision Song Contest. The Next Star will be a joint venture between broadcaster KAN, Keshet Broadcasting and Teddy Productions.

Auditions for the project have kicked off on 28 June in Tel Aviv and finished on 31 July in Or Akiva. Singers from the age of 15.5 were invited to attend to perform two songs of their choice. On 1 August it was confirmed that Eurovision 2005 participant Shiri Maimon will become new judge of the project, joining Keren Peles, Harel Skaat, Asaf Amdursky and Static & Ben El Tavori (replaced by Itay Levy for 3rd round). Among participants of the show are expected many times national final entrant Maya Buskila, Roee Sendler, Eti Bitton, who previously participated in Kokhav Nolad and also released an album, Elkana Marziano and Tamar Amar, winner and runner-up of the third season of "The Voice", Rotem Shefy as her alias Arab Diva Shefita, Elad Tavori (Ben El's brother, so he will not judge his performance), Klara Sabag, participant of the 9th season of "Kochav Nolad" (A Star Is Born), Ayala Eligoola, participant of the 3rd season of "Kochav Nolad" and "New Wave 2012", Kim Or Azoulay, an actress and a youth star, and Anna Zak, one of the most successful social media stars in Israel and a singer in the making. Also attended Ketreyah from Reshet's show "The Four", while her Next Star participation raised debates on possible violation of her contract with other broadcaster.

Broadcast of the show will start on Saturday, 24 November. In the filmed auditions the artist stands in front of a giant LED wall which in the real-time displays the user pictures of those viewers in the hall who have voted for him via special application. The artist sees nothing but this interactive wall. If the singer manages to win the sympathy of the audience, the scale of loyalty, which is displayed on the TV screen, increases, the wall rises and the artist proceeds to the next round. In order to raise the wall, the artist need to win more than 70% of the vote of jury and viewers. Jury has 40% votes power - each judge has 8% votes, they can swap right (blue) to give those votes, or left (red) to deny them. Hosts of the show got the right to veto up to five rejections, meaning that artists failing to gain the votes of the judges can be saved by the hosts of the contest.

In the final, the 4 contestant will perform in 2 duels. The duels winners will be chosen by the judges (15%) and the audience (hall + app voters) (85%). Then the judges will save one of the losing contestants, creating a superfinal of 3, who will perform a second time each. The winner will be decided with 50% of the votes coming from the judges and guest judges panels (Kochav Nolad - Gal Uchovsky, Margalit Tsanani, Tzadi Zarfati; Eurovision - Stav Beger, Kobi Oshrat, Yoav Ginai; KAN - Lucy Ayoub, Dafna Lustig, Avia Malka), and 50% of the audience (hall + app voters). The final of HaKokhav Haba L'Eurovizion 2019 was watched by 907,000 Israeli television viewers (share of 30.8%), making it the most watched program broadcast by Keshet 12 since the broadcaster was created in November 2017.

On 28 January KAN has invited to submit entries to compete for the right to represent Israel at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. Song submition deadline has been set for 17 February, 14:00. Songwriters should be Israeli citizen and ACUM society members. There are no language restrictions. The songs should not have been made public before. Submissions should include mp3 with a demo vocals, lyrics of the song, and information on the songwriters in a separate file, as well as song selection rules signed by all the songwriters. Entries should be sent to

About 200 songs were submitted, including songs by Keren Peles and Shiri Maimon. Preselection committee will be established, consisting of six members with expertise in the field of music and the Eurovision with 4 of them representing KAN (Aviad Zingboym, Yuval Ganor, Naama Hadassi and Michal Asulin) and 2 - Teddy Productions (Yoav Tzafir and Tamira Yardeni). The committee will be chaired by the chief music editor of KAN Aviad Zingboym. Entry is expected to be chosen by 24 February and presented on 10 March.

Among the most interesting writers were judges Keren Peles and Shiri Maimon, both of whom, as is well known, were in favor of Marimi during the season. Besides them entries came from Ohad Hitman, Dana Lapidot, Uri Avni together with Noy Alush and Isadora Kaufman and more. Among those who did not submit songs: Doron Medalie and Stav Beger who wrote last year's entry "TOY" and Dolev Ram and Faz Hazut who wrote the song for Imri Ziv.

1st show, 24 November
Daniel Mazuz - Happy 90%
Ofri Calfon - Leesof 93%
Yevgeny Morozov (Eugene Moroz) - Shnei Meshugaim (Двое ненормальных) 53%
Shahar Adawi - Wikipedia 89%
Hila Leder - Ex's & Oh's 30%
Nadav Phillips - I Have Nothing 82%
Daniel Barzilai - Osher Ledaka 88%
Shalva Band - Here Comes The Sun 91%

2nd show, 27 November
Abraham De Carvalho - Issues 89%
Lior Chen - Sheeriot Meatsmi 89%
Shir Azulay - Aba 67%
Tay (Tamar Amar) - River 92%
Alex Key - Rolling In The Deep 43%
Shefita - You Oughta Know 58% (saved by hosts)
Maya Buskila - Listen 84%

3rd show, 01 December
Osher Biton - Tel Aviv Balaila 85%
Liat Eliyahu - Shetisaref Haahava 88%
Reuven Badalov - Don't Stop Me Now 54%
Shahaf - Born This Way 76%
Klara Sabag - Mangina 81%
Judith Hasin - River 80%
Elad Tavori - Veat 44%

4th show, 03 December
Gal Binyamin - Hakol Over 70%
Barry Brown - You Raise Me Up 78%

5th show, 04 December
Naor Cohen - Shemishehu Yaatzor Oti 85%
Naama Gali Cohen - New Rules 75%
Shay Ben Aroya - Ima Im Hayiti 46%
Romi Azar - Creep 55% (saved by hosts)
Limor Oved - Veim Preda 91%
Enosh Tzuberi - Silsulim 30%
Julia Garnits - Creep 59% (saved by hosts)

6th show, 08 December
Assaf Maslati - Ata Rotze Mimeni 71%
Eti Bitton - Rak Leima 83%
Asia and Alexandra - Lost On You 55%
Roee Sendler - Yeladim Kaele 82%
Aviv Meteke - Me And You 35%
Sarah Moshioff - Ein Li Af Echad 90%
Ohad Levi - Tachzeri 49%
Kobi Marimi - Sweet Dreams 92%

7th show, 11 December
Ido Dankner - One Dance/No 70%
Amit Sade - Addicted To You 81%
Tomer Raz - Gvulot Hahigayon 71%
Maor Kdoshim - Im Haita Roeh 54%
Gilad Tenzer - Ein Yoter Tov Mizeh 75%
Meshi & Mor Portal - Ach Sheli 39%
Elkana Marziano - Holech Li Meyuash 77%
Avivit Doron - Mi Yeda Shekach Yihya 43%

8th show, 13 December
Niv Yanco - Haahava Hazot Shelanu 91%
Gabriel Cohen - Veim Preda 29%
Eden Vered Mari - Seven Nation Army 78%
Eliya Gabai - Ahava Kazo 93%

9th show, 15 December
Nave Madmon - Stitches 88%
Yarden Yishay - Albi Maak 56%
Ayala Eligoola - All I Ask 83%
Emanuel Shmuel - Shelach Beahava 22%
Wanna Wanna - Haverot Shelach 70%
Tal Versano - At Hamaleach Sheli 54% (saved by hosts)
Meni Gross - Bamechonit 66%
Ketreyah - Mirrors 95%

10th show, 19 December
Alik Manshirov - Ein Po Makom 76%
Frida Uziel - Vidui 60% (saved by hosts)

11th show, 22 December
Zohar Shechtman - Shir Shel Yom Chulin 55% (saved by hosts)
Ilai Chapman - Eich Sheat 80%
Osher Sava - Ima Im Hayiti 34%
Noy Sassover - Dangerous Woman 86%
Shon Bello - Zman Tov Lismoah 40%
Yagel Yadai - Ein Li Af Echat Babayit 77%
Elsie Doll - Friends 36%
Nitay Twito - Rise Up 92%

12th show, 25 December
Netanel and Yarden Barzilai - Tsevaim 70%
Maayan Brinza - Leilotay 46%
Shira Givony - If I Were a Boy 72%
Or Ben Atar - Achrey Hakol Mitgagea 94%
Meital Locke - Haderch el Hakfar 66%
Avi Ashur - Eten Lach 79%
Sofia Makovkina - Highway To Hell 39%
Ehab Atilla - Eten Lach Shanim 85%

13th show, 29 December
Chen Rotem - Osher Ledaka 80%
Tchelet Perlmutter - Soon We'll Be Found 78%
Dana Hertz - Rise Up 57%
Noa Klein - Somewhere Over The Rainbow 88%
Los Caparos - Nachon Lehayom 70%
Daniela Lamesh - Make You Feel My Love 44%
Ofek Adanek - Sheat Zaza 50% (saved by hosts)

14th show, 30 December
Tali Rabinovich - Dangerous Woman 81%
Itai Goren - Hey At 24%
Yuval Shauli - Warrior 59% (saved by hosts)
Emanuel Spiker - Part Of Your World 59%
Dili - Hasholef MeBagdad 25%
Bar Cohen - Kshehalachta 81%

15th show, 31 December
Riff Cohen - Migdalor 73%
Ben Ganon - Zer Kisufim 50%
Ariela Siman Tov - Lo Ohev Oti Yoter 82%
Roy Pinhasov - Al Tashlicheni 68%
Yakir Reda - Alfey Sipurim 29%
Osher Davidian - Nizacht Iti Hakol 88%

16th show, 1 January
Marie Benhaim - Yesh Bi Od Koach 67% (saved by hosts)
Mazal Kav - Latch 73%
Natalie Wamba Berry - Crazy 83%
Amir and Shahar Exol - Katonti 66%
Anaelia Ben David - Nigun Haneshamot 45%
Zohar Garala - Lomedet Lalechet 78%

17th show, 7 January
Lior Chen - Sipur Machur 80%
Maya Buskila - Wrecking Ball 100%
Shefita - Karma Police 80%
Tal Versano - Osher Ledaka 20%
Tay - High Hopes 80%
Nadav Phillips - Paparazzi 60%
Ariela Siman Tov - Chelek Mimcha 20%
Ayala Eligoola - Shallow 80%
Osher Biton - Yam Shel Dmaot 80%

18th show, 8 January
Klara Sabag - Who You Are 80%
Daniel Barzilai - I'm Not The Only One 100%
Frida Uziel - Wicked Games 20%
Naor Cohen - Etz Yarok Miplastik 80%
Naama Gali Cohen - Crazy In Love 60%
Ido Dankner - Baby One More Time 60%
Romi Azar - Help 20%
Shalva Band - Eich Efshar Shelo 100%
Zohar Garala, Or Ben Atar, Tali Rabinovich, Noa Klein, Osher Davidian 0%

19th show, 9 January
Gal Binyamin - Absurd 60%
Shahaf - Fallin' 80%
Netanel and Yarden Barzilai - Hasheket Shenishar 20%
Liat Eliyahu - Veim Tavoi Elai / Chayim Sheli 80%
Kobi Marimi - Jar of Hearts 80%
Julia Garnits - Freedom 80%
Ofri Calfon - Kol Hamilim 100%
Assaf Maslati - Ahava 40%
Wanna Wanna - Only Girl 100%

20th show, 10 January
Daniel Mazuz - Ata Hayav Lamut Alay 80%
Abraham de Carvalho - Who You Are 80%
Amit Sade - This Love 20%
Tchelet Perlmutter - Gara Mul Hamayim 60%
Ketreyah - Price Tag 60%
Judith Hasin - Lifamim 20%
Nitay Twito - All Of Me 100%
Ofek Adanek - Stigma Shel Hagil 40%
Nave Madmon - Pillowtalk 100%
Not qualified: Avi Ashur, Barry Brown, Gilad Tenzer, Sarah Moshioff, Shahar Adawi, Niv Yanco, Limor Oved, Ehab Atilla, Roee Sendler.

Withdrawn: Elkana Marziano, Noy Sassover.

Were not shown: Eti Bitton, Tomer Raz, Eden Vered Mari, Eliya Gabai, Alik Manshirov, Zohar Shechtman, Ilai Chapman, Yagel Yadai, Shira Givony, Chen Rotem, Los Caparos, Yuval Shauli, Bar Cohen, Riff Cohen, Marie Benhaim, Mazal Kav, Natalie Wamba Berry.

21st show, 13 January
Wanna Wanna - I Trusted You 68% VS Maya Buskila - If I Were A Boy 81%
Shahaf - Deja Vu 60% VS Klara Sabag - Rolling In The Deep 76%
Lior Chen - Russian Roulette 64% VS Osher Biton - Estader Levad 87%

22nd show, 14 January
Naama Gali Cohen - Rockabye 64% VS Daniel Barzilai - Ish Shel Laila 80%
Shefita - Can't Stop the Feeling! 41% VS Tay - Radioactive 89%
Kobi Marimi - Mad World 57% VS Liat Eliyahu - Stone Cold 51%

23rd show, 15 January
Abraham de Carvalho - Viva La Vida 67% VS Ketreyah - Just The Way You Are 83%
Nitai Twito - Sorry 68% VS Ofri Calfon - Tocho Ratsuf Ahava 90%
Nave Madmon - Never Forget You 53% VS Daniel Mazuz - Earth Song 54%
Shalva Band - The Sound of Silence 95% VS Naor Cohen - Shtaim Balaila 66%

24th show, 19 January
The Show: Ketreyah - Wings 85% VS Daniel Mazuz - No Diggity 69%
Songs of Divas: Shefita - Bootylicious 83% VS Abraham de Carvalho - When We Were Young 88%
Duet: Clara Sabag & Osher Biton - Tafasta Li Makom 71% VS Ofri Calfon & Shalva Band - Chalomot Shel Acherim 94%
Personal Story: Tay - Breath Me 72% VS Daniel Barzilai - Hello 79%
Eurovision: Kobi Marimi - Fuego 80% VS Maya Buskila - Rise Like A Phoenix 85%

25th show, 20 January
Daniel Barzilai - Grenade 73%
Maya Buskila - Warrior 64%
Shefita - Broken 69%
Daniel Mazuz - Toxic 59%
Abraham De Carvalho - Back to Black 88%
Osher Biton - Harbe Mimech Nishar 47%
Shalva Band - Hallelujah 76%
Ofri Calfon - Ahava Kazo 55%

26th show, 21 January
Kobi Marimi - Circle Of Life 70%
Tay - Love On The Brain 64%
Ketreyah - Kshae Alev Boche 86%

27th show, 26 January
Duet: Maya Buskila & Ketreyah - Bang Bang 94% VS Daniel Barzilai & Ofri Calfon - Lifney Shyigamer 92%
Personal Story: Daniel Mazuz - Make You Feel My Love 58% VS Kobi Marimi - This Is Me 81%
Only Audience Vote: Shefita - Material Girl 37% VS Tay - Womanizer 76%
Duet with Judge Harel Skaat: Shalva Band - Bechayai 83% VS Abraham de Carvalho - Shallow 75%

28th show, 27 January
Kobi Marimi - Diamonds 48%
Ketreyah - Stay 95%
Ofri Calfon - Runnin' 71%
Shefita - Black Hole Sun 54%
Tay - Never Tear Us Apart 69%
Daniel Barzilai - Eifo Hayit 59%
Maya Buskila - I Will Always Love You 77%

29th show, 28 January
Shalva Band - Roeh Beha Mashehu Tov 91%
Avraham de Carvalho - Let It Go 56%

30th show, 02 February
Ketreyah - There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back 88% VS Tay - Genius 42%
Daniel Barzilai - Kshe Acher 30% VS Shalva Band - True Colours 84%

Shalva Band - Pizmon LaYakinton 87 pts VS Ketreyah - Hasheket Shenishar 85 pts

31st show, 03 February
Maya Buskila - Love on Top 85% VS Shefita - Imagine 72%
Avraham de Carvalho - Writing's on the Wall 82% VS Ofri Calfon - Ya Mama 55%

Avraham de Carvalho - Halo 81 pts VS Maya Buskila - A Million Voices 91 pts

32nd show, 04 February
Daniel Barzilai - Use Somebody 50%
Ketreyah - Rise Up 91%
Shefita - Lioness 65%
Avraham de Carvalho - Perfect 89%

33rd show, 07 February
Osher Biton - Pri Ganech 85 pts VS Kobi Marimi - Knockin' on Heaven's Door 87 pts

34th show, 09 February
Shefita - Crazy 74%
Avraham De Carvalho - Believe 89%
Daniel Barzilai - Im Haita Roeh 58%
Kobi Marimi - Russian Roulette 78%

Avraham De Carvalho - Stay With Me 70 pts
Shefita - Feeling Good 82 pts
Kobi Marimi - Hallelujah 88 pts

Final, 12 February
Ketreyah - Locked Out Of Heaven 68% VS Shefita - My Way 65%
Maya Buskila - Euphoria 54% VS Kobi Marimi - Always 79%

Shefita - Broken 90 (12+10+10+10+10+12+8+10+8)+70=160
Kobi Marimi - Let It Be 102 (8+12+12+12+12+10+12+12+12)+113=215
Ketreyah - Impossible 78 (10+8+8+8+8+8+10+8+10)+87=165


Номер Израиля на домашнем Евровидении будет исполнен 27-летним Коби Марими, который обладает уникальными вокальными данными и неповторимой индивидуальностью. C "Home" в качестве конкурсной песни, Коби определенно продемонстрирует элегантность и мощное выступление на сцене Евровидения.

Коби Мерими родился 8 октября 1991 года и вырос в Рамат-Гане, Израиль. Мерими пел с 13 лет, но не имел опыта сольных выступлений до своего участия в национальном отборе Евровидения Hakokhav Haba. В 2009 году он окончил школу Охел-Шем в Рамат-Гане, театральное отделение, и затем перебрался в Тель-Авив. В 2011 году он закончил курс вокала и исполнительского мастерства в школе "Muzic" в Тель-Авиве. После окончания школы Мерими пришлось напряженно работать, чтобы обеспечивать себя, пять лет он был кассиром в кинотеатре в Тель-Авиве, а затем хостом в баре. Во время службы в армии, он безуспешно пытался попасть в Ансамбль, а затем в Театр вооруженных сил, и сбросил 50 кг веса. Служил он в бригаде парашютистов в Рамат-Гане.

В 2014-2017 годах, во время занятий в школе актерского мастерства Нисана Натива в Тель-Авиве, куда он поступил со второй попытки, он принял участие в следующих театральных постановках: Кавказский меловой круг Бертольда Брехта (рассказчик), Комическая иллюзия Пьера Корнеля (волшебник Алькандр), Поминальная молитва Григория Горина (Менахем-Мендл), Дама от Максима Жоржа Фейдо (Эмиль) и других. После завершения обучения, он принял участие в Каждой живой вещи нужно Марины Белтов, Сокровище Чамплу, и исполнил роль Натана из Газы в Мессии сейчас Эфраима Сидона, за которую он завоевал премию Самому многообещающему актеру на фестивале Хаг ха-махаземер в Бат-Яме. Мерими дебютировал в Израильской опере в октябре 2018 года в Волшебной флейте Вольфганга Амадея Моцарта. Мерими выступает в классическом стиле, практикуя конвенциональный вокал в широком диапазоне и делая "фирменные" перепады от фальцета до баритонального тенора в пределах одной музыкальной фразы.

12го февраля Мерими стал победителем реалити шоу Hakokhav Haba (Восходящая звезда, аналог российского шоу Артист), самого популярного песенного конкурса на израильском телевидении. Коби одержал победу собрав большинство голосов зрителей и музыкальных экспертов в финальном шоу. Проект был организован совместно общественным вещателем KAN, частным телеканалом Keshet 12 и Tedy Productions, одним из самых известных производителей телевизионного контента в Израиле.

За время своих выступлений в национальном отборе на Евровидение Hakokhav Haba Мерими исполнил: "Sweet Dreams" (Beyoncé), "Jar of Hearts" (Christina Perri), "Mad World" (Michael Andrews and Gary Jules), "Fuego" (Eleni Foureira), "Circle Of Life" (Elton John), "This Is Me", "Diamonds" (Rihanna) и выбыл из борьбы после 4го раунда. Однако, вскоре организаторы решили вернуть одного из выбывших участников посредством вайлдкард-раунда, в котором Коби победил с "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" (Bob Dylan). В полуфинале он спел "Russian Roulette" (Rihanna) и "Hallelujah" (Leonard Cohen), а в финале исполнил "Always" (Bon Jovi) и "Let It Be" (The Beatles).

"Коби обладает всем необходимым профессионализмом, он знает, что нужно делать, когда он стоит на сцене, но он действительно трясется, как мышонок, перед любым выступлением. Но это меня не беспокоит, потому что мы видели, что это не влияет на само его выступление. Он действительно волнуется, но эта тревога полностью исчезает, когда он начинает петь. Вы знаете, он произвел на меня наибольшее впечатление в конце, когда он победил, и все обнимали его и прыгали на него, и там были конфетти, а затем он вошел в роль, взял тон и спел песню снова наилучшим образом. Тогда я понял, что мы действительно можем рассчитывать на него на Евровидении, у него уже есть школа Hakokhav Haba, и после нее Евровидение пройдет с легкостью. Коби харизматичен, он отличается от всех остальных, и он знает, как работать с камерой. Он определенно будет выделяться на Евровидении", - говорит продюсер программы Йоав Цафир.

"Это своего рода школа, что-то такое, что никуда не денется. Когда ты делаешь это на сцене, ты чувствуешь себя незащищенным, но публика, которой я так боялся, в конце оказалась самой любящей в мире. Так что я научился рисковать", - сказал Мерими после победы на отборочном конкурсе.

Министр культуры и спорта Мири Регев поздравила Мерими, сказав, что "своим уникальным голосом он впечатлил и взволновал всю страну. Он доказал, что воля и вера сильнее всего – он вернулся в программу и победил". "Коби явил на сцене замечательные способности, которые нельзя было игнорировать. Я уверена, что в оставшиеся месяцы он будет правильно готовиться и с большим успехом представит нас на Евровидении, проводимом здесь, в Израиле. С Коби мы можем сделать это снова", - добавила Регев, имея в виду победу Нетты Барзилай на прошлогоднем конкурсе.

С тех пор как он стал участником Евровидения, Коби стал любимцем страны. Его душевное пение вернуло его "домой", что также является названием песни, которая была написана специально для него, чтобы выступить на конкурсе. "Home" - это "душевная баллада", в которой госпел и современный соул соединяются с ближневосточными мотивами. Текст песни посвящен жизненному пути самого Коби; Долгий и сложный поиск собственной самооценки. Когда он обретает мир со своей истинной сущностью и принимает себя, приходит осознание того, что его сердце жаждет ДОМА. "Home" была написана авторами и исполнителями Охадом Шрагаем и Инбар Вейцман. Коби Мерими отреагировал на выбор песни так: "С самого первого прослушивания песня по-настоящему взволновала меня, и я сразу смог связать себя с ней. Я благодарю комитет за то, что он выбрал песню, которая мне подходит, и через несколько дней каждый сможет разделить со мной мои эмоции".

Видеоклип был снято одним из ведущих израильских режиссеров, Гаем Саги, который также снял "Diva" Dana International, победительницы Евровидения 1998 года. Видеоклип был снят в черно-белом цвете с использованием классических техник съемок, которые выставляют Коби в центр клипа и подчеркивают его уникальный вокал. Участие Израиля в Евровидении этого года, во второй раз, является совместным производством Tedy Productions, одного из самых известных и влиятельных контент-и продакшн-центров в израильских СМИ, KAN, Израильской общественной телерадиовещательной корпорации и крупнейшей медиа-компании Израиля с 3-мя вещательными платформами и Keshet 12, ведущей в стране коммерческой телекомпании.


В интервью Yedioth Ahronoth Коби Мерими отреагировал на противоречивые отзывы о своей конкурсной песне "Home".

"Возможно, несколько лет назад я не мог справиться с такими резкими реакциями, - говорит Мерими, - но я пришел на программу в возрасте 27 лет и очень много работал, чтобы справляться с критикой. Я не хочу что-то доказывать кому-то, кто пишет против меня, я предпочитаю сосредоточиться на музыке и на том, что произойдет на сцене"

"В начале Нетта Барзилай также получала резкие реакции по поводу Toy, и мы все знаем, что произошло в конце", - говорит он, добавляя, что и коэффициенты букмекеров также сильно изменятся после того, как станут известны сценические номера.

Однако он доволен теми реакциями, которые положительно оценили песню. "Я был поражен тем, как было воспринято важное послание песни, посыл о расширении прав и возможностей", - сказал Мерими.

"Любой, кто немного знает меня и следил за моей историей в "Следующей звезде", может понять, насколько важна для меня эта песня: каждый человек, который испытал что-то в жизни, которому говорили, что он недостаточно хорош, или который думал, что ему нет места в этом мире сможет соединиться с этой песней", - говорит Мерими.

Всего месяц назад Мерими была выбран в качестве представителя Израиля, после победы в финале шоу "Следующая звезда". "Я почти не спал пять дней, только тут и там по часу или два", - говорит Мерими. "Но я не жалуюсь ни секунды, это было забавно, я мечтал об этом. Представлять мою замечательную страну - большая честь".

В отличие от м