United Kingdom

Grand Final - Dress Rehearsal - Part Two - Songs Nine to Sixteen

9. United Kingdom
Postcard: Rather aptly SuRie goes tea-picking before enjoying a nice brew. Some of these postcards are perfectly suited to the artists and their countries.
Performance: Complete with her stage prop, SuRie shines and brings the song to life. It may even trouble the top of the second half of the scoreboard based on this performance.

10. Serbia
Postcard: Sanja and Balkanika team go wine-tasting in Porto. Another appropriate postcard sequence given the group's love of the grape.
Performance: A deserved qualifier from last night, vocally they just keep getting better and better. Reverting back to the initial Nevena Ivanovic-designed costumes they first wore before they were refitted for the semis, they really shine. From the betting odds, it seems it may have come in at 10th place in its semi but it is worthy of a good placing tomorrow night.

11. Germany
Postcard: Another country walk with waterfalls and forests before Michael paraglides.
Performance: Solid all the way vocally. One of the better performers of the Big Five on the scoreboard this year?

12 Albania
Postcard: Eugent takes a gondola-style boat trip.
Performance: Incredible vocal - as always - exactly why he has earned his place in this final. Great song, powerfully delivered. If the contest was judged solely on vocal ability, Albania would be beating their best finish (5th) of 2012.

13. France
Postcard: More scenery and a funicular ride for the French duo, before busking.
Performance: Immaculately and simply staged with just enough understatement to see it creep up. Still my tip for the winner and it may pip Cyprus to it just yet. France for the first since 1977? C'est possible...

14. Czech Republic
Postcard: Carnival time for Mikolas Josef.
Performance: Still lacking the gumph that the original acrobatics gave it, it will easily give the Czech Republic their best ever result. A finisher between sixth and eighth, or maybe a little higher on the night depending how it's received.

15. Denmark
Postcard: Rasmussen head to a library among other things. Maybe to read up on Viking history...
Performance: The chorus and the chanting coupled with drum beats make this incredibly catchy. Could see it finish top 10, but unlikely to conquer Eurovision as much as the Vikings did Northern Europe all those years ago.

16. Australia
Postcard: A quick rooftop and waltz around Lisbon before some guitar/banjo playing.
Performance: Jessica can relax a bit now after weathering the storm and making it through after much undeserved and unfair criticism in the last week or so. Some lovely vocal adlibs - especially in the second verse - and the vocals will be spot-on come tonight for the juries and tomorrow. A top-ten finish should still be in the offing - especially if she continues to sparkle like this.

United Kingdom first rehearsal

Desiree on Fri, 05/04/2018 - 15:51

SuRie is dressed in a white jumpsuit of which the top has some plastic accents on her waist. Her backing vocals are hidden on stage.

She stands and walks through some kind of tunnel with squares standing on its corner that provide all kinds of lighting effects and look really nice on stage.

As a first impression after just the very first run, vocally SuRie sounds best in the lower parts of the verses but gets a bit screechy when the melody is taken higher.

Day 6 of rehearsals - it'll be a mixed day!

Desiree on Fri, 05/04/2018 - 09:46

In just about 15 minutes the first rehearsal of today will start, which is Armenia.
We start the day with the remaining 4 countries of semi final 1 who will each do their second rehearsal which will be blogged live from the arena like yesterday. The same goes for the first five countries of the second semi-final.

After all these we get to see the first 30 minute-rehearsals from the BIG-5 countries + Portugal. These rehearsals will go on well into the evening, so loads happening today, stay tuned!

United Kingdom Second Rehearsal

ChrisB on Sun, 05/07/2017 - 10:06

The UK's staging of golden stars is really effective.
Lots of gold, even Lucie's dress is golden today. Would have been better to have some element of contrast in there perhaps, but it still works very well on screens.
Lucie pulled out of one note in the first run, but gave a very strong and passionate performance on the second run.
And her acting skills certainly help with providing the drama.

United Kingdom second rehearsal

Desiree on Sun, 05/07/2017 - 10:04

The performances from the UK and France (the next and last one of today) are completely new for me as I missed them the first time a couple of days ago.

So thi sis my first impression of Lucie Jones' performance. Vocally she' sounds very good even though she had a little hiccup during the first run. The stage is quite dark despite the golden backdrop. Lucie brought her own led-screen / mirror which shows her from the side on top of the prop. I don't think this really adds anything to it.

Great use of pyro, has to be my favourite this year in this aspect!

United Kingdom First Rehearsal

ChrisB on Fri, 05/05/2017 - 17:09

I quite like the visual concept of UK's staging this year. Lucie is in a multi-mirror constellation that creates an effect of infinity. As does the powerful supernova of golden stars in the backdrop that effectively creates moments of climax.

It is a bit cheesy, but certainly interesting to look at. And Lucie stared down the camera, singing for her life. UK are potentially in for their best result since 2009.

UK First rehearsal

Wearing a yellow wrap around dress, Lucie looks great on stage. But then again she is used to this. The vocal will need some work but hey it's just checking the microphones today right?

Some sort of fan effect prop on stage with her, but from my angle in the press centre it's not too clear what this does other than provide some colour behind her

She is working the camera much better than we have seen her do before though. And when we get to the big notes at the end the camera pans out and the stage looks great.....