Armenia, Netherlands, Finland, Romania

Next part of rehearsals coming.
Armenia is not impressive at all. With this my dream to stop Russia from winning dies. The choreography is typical Mandrik's which means a lot of movement around without any specific reason. It however applies to most choreographies this year. So, Sirusho has 3 guys with whom she interacts and 2 backing singers. Vocally it is not perfect, escpecially synchronization with backs. It will have pyros, which were not there today.

Poland & Ireland & Andorra

That was bad start of the day. Isis was dressed in short white dress, though there still is chance it will be even more shorter. There are pianist and 4 backing instrumentalists, sitting with violos and violins on chairs. When Isis moves to catwalk 2 backing singers stand up just to sing backing vocals. And they are pretty bad and disorganized. Overall, absolutely not impressive.

Round up of day 1

Round-up with materials from other ESCKaz team members

The day was opened by Montenegro with a pretty confident rehearsal, ranked very high by ESCKaz team. Stefan is joined on stage by backing vocalists Ana, Amira and Martina, who were on stage with Claudia Beni in 2003, and Martina was on stage with Alenka Gotar last year. A new Beauty Queens is coming? The gimmick is in red gloves, with which girls embrace Stefan leaving prints on his T-Shirt.


is making available rehearsal videos as well, three are already up.

This is last from me, but I will update with translations from Russian version of ESCKaz blog in the night. I'm myself planning to attend heavy metal show today.


I'm watching Norway from screen. The performance is absolutely similar to the one at preselection. Dressed in blue singer and backs move on the stage, and I've no idea why they need guitarists. I've missed Slovenia.


I've missed San-Marino completely, but hopefully someone will cover it from our Russian team.
Belgium was awful. Singer looks completely off. It sounds good but makes no impression at all.
Watching Azerbaijan from screen I think it is perfect. However, everyone surrounding me claim to feel headache after it. Three winged angels and the lead angel wings are spreading wide. A lot of smoke and pyros, sometimes too much and out of place. Sound here on screen is bad, so I can not speak about vocal.

Multimedia reminder

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First day

Things are pretty chaotic so far. Arena is really far located, so only screens in press-center can save things.

We've seen 6 entries and I'm afraid we're yet to see a finalist!

Montenegro. It lookes as good as it sounds to you. So if you like the song, which I doubt, you probably will find presentation nice. Stefan is pretty awkward on stage, which comes as no surprise as he is caressed by 4 girls in red gloves. Vocally he is good.

Hello from Belgrade

First of all I have to admit that you should not expect comprehensive coverage from English site of the blog, as, unfortunately, from 7 correspondents on field we're going to have, only myself is able to write in English. So, it will be sort of best of, and if you understand Russian, you're welcome on Russian part of the blog.

ESCKaz in Belgrade!

Hello! We are here. More news to come.

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