Press release from Romania - Someone is getting married...

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Cristina Caramarcu has been proposed to during the Eurovision 2018 Opening Ceremony

Dressed up in their designer clothes, the representatives of the 43 participant countries at the Eurovision have met with journalists, the fans and of the curious who have gathered on Sunday evening in front of the Arts, Architecture and Technology Museum from Lisbon.

The colour of the carpet was changed for the first time at the 63rd edition, in order to perfectly match the serene landscape given by the Tagus River.

During the 300 metres of blue carpet, The Humans have impressed the public and have offered many many interviews for two hours. Then, later in the evening, they have participated at the reception offered by the organisers.
„We came here in order to win, so we have announced the public to buy airplane tickets for Romania in good time, to be sure that we will meet again in the same formula in Bucharest as well” have the artists declared in the end of the parade, being confident in Romania’s chances on the Eurovision stage.

The moment of the evening took place in front of the journalists and of the Romanian fans sector, where Cristina has been waited by her boyfriend, Rosario. Holding a red rose in his hand, the one who stands besides her, for 8 years, has asked her to marry him in front of hundreds of witnesses present at the ceremony.
„I am overwhelmed. It is a unique moment, an experience I will never forget, and Rosario’s surprise to renew his marriage proposal, right here, right now has turned this day into one of the most beautiful days of my life”, has Cristina witnessed, visibly touched.

Romania’s delegation has marched in a special manner at this year’s Opening Ceremony. As an act of fair play, we could see together with the 6 artists Adrian Tănase - the lead vocal of The Humans band - who was not been able to participate at the contest due to the limitation to 6 persons stipulated in the Eurovision rules.

Romania press release