Armenia, Netherlands, Finland, Romania

Andy on Mon, 05/12/2008 - 15:28

Next part of rehearsals coming.
Armenia is not impressive at all. With this my dream to stop Russia from winning dies. The choreography is typical Mandrik's which means a lot of movement around without any specific reason. It however applies to most choreographies this year. So, Sirusho has 3 guys with whom she interacts and 2 backing singers. Vocally it is not perfect, escpecially synchronization with backs. It will have pyros, which were not there today.

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At press-conference Sirusho performed duet with Hayko

Netherlands plays basicly on the same field with Armenia and is better. It is good vocally, however the routine is useless again. The gimmick is lighted microphone holders for backing vocalists. It will also depend on Hind's dress at final and the ones shown today weren't perfect.


Finland is typical Terasbetoni, so there is not many changes in performance as well as vocals. This is typical Iron Maiden parody and all depends whether you realize it is parody act or not.

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Romania is perfect in everything and is dead certain qualifier. Enough said.

Poland & Ireland & Andorra

Andy on Mon, 05/12/2008 - 10:26

That was bad start of the day. Isis was dressed in short white dress, though there still is chance it will be even more shorter. There are pianist and 4 backing instrumentalists, sitting with violos and violins on chairs. When Isis moves to catwalk 2 backing singers stand up just to sing backing vocals. And they are pretty bad and disorganized. Overall, absolutely not impressive.

Ireland looks dreadful. Especially on screens. And those backing vocals were awful as well. Dustin himself looks good, but you can not see much of him. The dancers chaotically move around the stage and it is impossible to understand what they are singing. It may just qualify, but it was worse than Estonia.

Andorra is standart. It is silly Swedish dance routine with 4 dancers around Gisela. Vocally it is perfect, but not enough. The first semifinal looks incredibly dreadful.

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Round up of day 1

Andy on Mon, 05/12/2008 - 06:51

Round-up with materials from other ESCKaz team members

The day was opened by Montenegro with a pretty confident rehearsal, ranked very high by ESCKaz team. Stefan is joined on stage by backing vocalists Ana, Amira and Martina, who were on stage with Claudia Beni in 2003, and Martina was on stage with Alenka Gotar last year. A new Beauty Queens is coming? The gimmick is in red gloves, with which girls embrace Stefan leaving prints on his T-Shirt.

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At the press-conference they've admitted that they are looking for neighbours support, thus preferred to perform in native language. Interestingly, main favourite of Stefan is Dima Bilan.

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Israel was next and it was pretty messy rehearsal. It seems we're yet to see the final dance routine, but the main gimmick here will be vocal of Boaz, admitted by singer as well. We agree...


At press-conference Boaz admitted to be fan of hard rock, Irish dance and electronic music. We're expecting Dana Int to arrive later.

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Estonia was missing one of the 3 members of the team but that was not reflected on the performance at all. It looked and sounded absolutely the same. There are rumours that he will arrive at the second rehearsal. One of singers also missed preview recordings in Estonia, so they probably consider it as a good sign.

The press-conference was extremely boring and was closed after just 2 questions.




Andy on Sun, 05/11/2008 - 15:56

I'm watching Norway from screen. The performance is absolutely similar to the one at preselection. Dressed in blue singer and backs move on the stage, and I've no idea why they need guitarists. I've missed Slovenia.

Press-conference of Azerbaijan was pretty non-informative as are most of the press-conferences. We've got only the basic information about participation of Azerbaijan, selection, song and performance of it's part.

And something from Belgium press-conference


Andy on Sun, 05/11/2008 - 14:16

I've missed San-Marino completely, but hopefully someone will cover it from our Russian team.
Belgium was awful. Singer looks completely off. It sounds good but makes no impression at all.
Watching Azerbaijan from screen I think it is perfect. However, everyone surrounding me claim to feel headache after it. Three winged angels and the lead angel wings are spreading wide. A lot of smoke and pyros, sometimes too much and out of place. Sound here on screen is bad, so I can not speak about vocal.

Автор Azerbaijan

First day

Andy on Sun, 05/11/2008 - 13:31

Things are pretty chaotic so far. Arena is really far located, so only screens in press-center can save things.

We've seen 6 entries and I'm afraid we're yet to see a finalist!

Montenegro. It lookes as good as it sounds to you. So if you like the song, which I doubt, you probably will find presentation nice. Stefan is pretty awkward on stage, which comes as no surprise as he is caressed by 4 girls in red gloves. Vocally he is good.

Israel. Same as Montenegro there are backing vocalists, who start at the corner of very small stage. This is the only thing similar between them. Sometimes it look like that there was no home rehearsals for Israel as things on stage are pretty disorganized, both choreographically and vocally. Boaz enters stage from it's far side and then backing singers ramble around him.

Estonia is absolutely same as we've seen at the national final. So, nothing more to add there.

Moldova is very good. They've opted for minimalist, intimate performance featuring Geta and trumpet player and big coach. It looks good and from all these has the best chances to get through.

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Hello from Belgrade

Andy on Sun, 05/11/2008 - 07:09

First of all I have to admit that you should not expect comprehensive coverage from English site of the blog, as, unfortunately, from 7 correspondents on field we're going to have, only myself is able to write in English. So, it will be sort of best of, and if you understand Russian, you're welcome on Russian part of the blog.

First part of ESCKaz arrived pretty well. Moscow flight included with us Marija Serifovic, who was returning from concert in small Russian town of Cherepovtsy. In airport we managed to meet OGAE Rest of the World president Roy and San-Marinese band Miodio on their way from Milan and you can see the latter ones here.

In press-center we met Miroslav, Sasa and other OGAE Serbia members as well as Umut and Giannis. Again thanks to Miroslav for making my visa possible. Thanks also to delegations of Moldova, Georgia, Belarus and Ukraine for providing our team with accreditations.

Then we had a short city trip, as probably we won't have much of free time during this week. We walked around some shopping streets, I've bought number of metal CDs - and highly recommend Alogia and Expedition:Delta for you. Quite unexpectedly we've met Leontina Vukomanovic, famous Serbian composer and lyricist, including Lane Moje.

and more pictures of trip around the city with our hosts Aleksandar and Nemanja