Grand Final Jury Performances Live Blog

ChrisB on Fri, 05/12/2017 - 20:18

Grand Final Jury Performances:

Israel: Imri seems more relaxed today than earlier. Vocals mostly fine.

Poland: Kasia holding the last note especially long today to leave a mark with the juries.

Belarus: NAVI as before, energetic and good chemistry.

Austria: Nathan gives good camera for juries. And vocals better than Wednesday.

Armenia: Artsvik sells 'Fly With Me' as she always does: Excellent!

The Netherlands: OG3NE should be very happy with their jury performance. The Dutch journalists in the press centre are too.

Moldova: One of the bridesmaids' costumes didn't unfold. Other than that perfectly fine performance.

Hungary: Joci with a good performance.

Italy: Francesco gives a charismatic and fun performance. Arena audience participates in choreo.

Denmark: Anja looks comfortable on stage and nails the vocals without any problems.

Portugal: Salvador with an incredibly sensitive performance. Unique artistry.

Azerbaijan: Dihaj looks more relaxed and is in particularly good voice today.

Croatia: Jacques with two strong vocal performances and some ad-libbing to impress the juries.

Australia: Isaiah plays it much safer today and sounds better than in Tuesday's semi.

Greece: Demy with a charming performance supported by backing vocalists through the challenging chorus' harmonies.

Spain: Manel gave a cool and mostly vocally secure performance.

Norway: Has improved from the semi final form.

UK: Lucie with strong vocals and lots of passion.

Cyprus: Hovig as he has been in the semi final. Solid.

Romania: Good performance from the duo.

Germany: Levina gives a lot of smiles for the juries and shows progress from earlier.

Ukraine: The host nation can be very proud with their jury performance.

Belgium: Blanche's jury performance was fragile and secure. Wonderful.

Sweden: Robin had better performances. But it was very slick!

Bulgaria: Kristian with a strong emotive performance for juries.

France: Alma with a confident and uplifiting performance for the juries.

Grand Final Running Order Revealed

ChrisB on Fri, 05/12/2017 - 00:37

The running order of the Grand Final of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest:
1. Israel
2. Poland
3. Belarus
4. Austria
5. Armenia
6. The Netherlands
7. Moldova
8. Hungary
9. Italy
10. Denmark
11. Portugal
12. Azerbaijan
13. Croatia
14. Australia
15. Greece
16. Spain
17. Norway
18. United Kingdom
19. Cyprus
20. Romania
21. Germany
22. Ukraine
23. Belgium
24. Sweden
25. Bulgaria
26. France

Jury Rehearsal Semi-Final 2 - Live Blog

ChrisB on Wed, 05/10/2017 - 20:08

This is the live blog for the Jury Rehearsal of Semi Final 1 on which juries will give their scores.
The blog will be updated throughout the show.

Serbia: Tijana with a dramatic and vocally solid effort.

Austria: Nathan plays it safe and pulls out of the big note. Charming performance.

FYROM: Jana with a very fierce and flirty performance for juries. Vocally sound.

Malta: Claudia shows passion and the best vocals so far.

Romania: Alex' voice got a little wobbly after riding the cannon. Ilinca's vocals and yodeling strong throughout.

The Netherlands: OG3NE once again with an impactful performance of perfect harmonies.

Hungary: Joci solid as before.

Denmark: Anja laying down her armour and performing Where I Am with heart and passion. Vocally good.

Ireland: Brendan manages the big note impressively. Best we have heard from him so far.

San Marino: Valentina and Jimmie showing good chemistry and interaction. And both sang very well.

Croatia: Jacque with an excellent performance for juries. Good falsettos and in fine voice(s)

Norway: Contemporary sound, solid vocals and even some smiles.

Switzerland: Timebelle's Miruna tries to offer some extra vocal freestyling for juries and it mostly works.

Belarus: NAVI with a fun performance, good chemistry and no vocal issues.

Bulgaria: Starts out with shaky voice but recovers very well. Most of the falsettos were strong and impactful staging.

Lithuania: Fusedmarc saved their best performance to date for the juries.

Estonia: Laura and Koit showing professionalism and sounding stronger when it counts the most.

Israel: A lot of improvement for Israel with fewer off-key issues than before.

Norma John talks in the press centre after semi-final one

Desiree on Wed, 05/10/2017 - 12:48

Norma John in the press centre after semi one

Finland not making it to the final has been a big surprise - if not shock - for many, including quite a few of the team of ESCKAZ didn't see this coming and/or hoped otherwise.

Despite the disappointment, not long after the semi-final finished, Norma John already showed up in the press centre to give some words to mainly the Finnish press. I also spoke to them for a few seconds (not on video, sorry everyone..) and they didn't seem too devastated. Lasse told me that it's always hard to compete in music.

Jury Rehearsal Semi-Final 1 - Live Blog

ChrisB on Mon, 05/08/2017 - 19:57

This is the live blog for the Jury Rehearsal of Semi Final 1 on which juries will give their scores.
The blog will be updated throughout the show.

Sweden: Robin sounds better than he has all week. Choreography as slick as usual.

Georgia: Tamara can be very happy with that performance. Flawless vocals, big voice.

Australia: Isaiah with mostly fine vocals, maneuvered himself in trouble with ad-libbing at one point, but recovered quickly.

Albania: Lindita held the long note with ease. Overall solid performance.

Belgium: Just like earlier today Blanche is in good form and looks with determined focus at the camera. Sublime!

Montenegro: Slavko bouncing around the stage, making clear his performance is not only for the juries, but the fans in the hall.

Finland: Very solid performance.

Azerbaijan: Very cool performance, vocals perfect.

Portugal: Salvador using his soft voice like an instrument with precision and passion.

Greece: For juries Demy sings the chorus in lower register and without backing singers. Clever move.

Poland: Kasia with a powerful, flawless, dramatic, even angry, performance.

Moldova: Fun performance. As it has been all week.

Iceland: Svala's hand got stuck in her cape at one point. But it didn't affect her at all. She is a professional!

Czech Republic: Martina can be very happy with that performance. Pitch perfect.

Cyprus: Much better than earlier today. A little out of breath towards the end, understandably.

Armenia: As fierce and professional as she has been all week.

Slovenia: Omar with a solid performance.

Latvia: Triana Park with a good performance getting cheers from the audience.

Greece: Due to 'technical difficulties' Demy gets to perform twice. Chorus in lower register again.

That was our live blog for the jury rehearsal semi final 1.

Miss and Mister ESCKAZ 2017 Award ceremony

Andy on Mon, 05/08/2017 - 08:45

As usual, during the Red Carpet event ESCKAZ has announced winners of it's top prize. For the first time award was given back in 2005 in Kyiv and interestingly to Omar Naber's backing vocalist Teja Saksida.

Miss ESCKAZ 2017 Viktorija Ivanovskaja, Fusedmarc, Lithuania
Mister ESCKAZ 2017 Aleksander Walmann, JOWST, Norway

Special mention: Best Red Carpet outfit - Kseniya Zhuk, NAVIBAND, Belarus