Slovenia second rehearsal

Desiree on Fri, 05/05/2017 - 08:37

Omar Naber is on stage now for Slovenia and while his singing was sometimes not completely on point during the first rehearsal, today he sounded very well during all three runs as far as I could hear in the hall.

The panel screens all around and above him are actual props and while they will look great on the tv-screens, they are a big disadvantage for the audience in the hall as anyone not standing or sitting right in front has a big chance of seeing this performance through the (at least transparent) panels during a big part of the song, as they only rise up just before the last chorus.

What I do like is how the lighting uses pyro effects without there being actual pyro. Another case of less is more, but well applied here.

Rehearsals Day 2 Summary

ChrisB on Tue, 05/02/2017 - 00:30

I had a few issues with Ukrainian internet since leaving the press centre, so I apologize for the delay of this Day 2 summary.

I just wanted to give you a quick overview which entries stood out the most today in the press centre:

- Armenia won the press centre poll for day 2. It looks modern, sophisticated and professional, and Artsvik performs it really well. My only caveat would be that it lacks a real climax at the moment.

- Moldova received the second highest score. The staging is fun and upbeat, that should certainly help in a semi full of ballads.

- Iceland and Czech Republic the losers of the day based on the press centre poll. But there is still enough time to turn things around. And the press centre has gotten things wrong in the past, so fans of these entries shouldn't lose hope.

We will see what kind of adjustments the delegations will make later this week.

Have a good night and see you tomorrow!

Slovenia First rehearsal

ChrisB on Mon, 05/01/2017 - 14:26

Omar returning to Eurovision for Slovenia after 12 years. And I quite like what I'm seeing here. It's a very musical theatre like performance and the song is certainly not everyone's cup of tea. Vocals in the second runthrough weren't pitch perfect, but as long as he hits the notes on the night of the semi, Slovenia might finish a little higher than most of us anticipated. Still borderline at the moment.

Slovenia first rehearsal

Desiree on Mon, 05/01/2017 - 14:24

After twelve years Omar Naber is back at the Eurovision Song Contest so we are obviously talking about someone who knows what happens and what can be expected. These twelve years also immensely improved his vocals (even though he misses a few notes, so he has to be careful).

The staging looks great, similar to what we saw in the national final with many spotlights and a romantic blue starred sky and panels all around. However, his song might not be exciting enough to get him to the final.

Also I can exclusively reveal it now seems to be some kind of team favourite... Videos may or not appear.

Semi two predictions from us two.....

From Mike;

Latvia Yes
Poland Yes
Switzerland No
Israel Yes
Belarus Maybe
Serbia Yes
Ireland Yes
Macedonia Maybe
Lithuania No
Australia Yes
Slovenia No
Bulgaria Yes
Denmark Yes
Ukraine Yes
Norway No
Georgia No
Albania Maybe
Belgium Yes

I am really unsure about Ireland so may swop that with Macedonia or Belarus

From Daniel;

Latvia Yes
Poland Yes
Switzerland No
Israel Yes
Belarus No
Serbia Yes
Ireland Yes
Macedonia No
Lithuania No
Australia Yes
Slovenia Yes
Bulgaria Yes
Denmark No
Ukraine Yes
Norway No
Georgia No
Albania No
Belgium Yes

Daniel is unsure about Albania and Belarus and might swop those with Slovenia and Latvia

Live blog second Semi Jury Show

Rolling live blog of Jury Show Second semi

Keep Refreshing this page;


Views of Globen and crowd shots and COME TOGETHER. Seem like quite a crowd in the area too which is nice.

Now we have lots of Swedish humour and comedy form the hosts, but this washes over me and leaves me very cold I am afraid. All a bit too much MF for my liking.

Both hosts resplendent in silver jacket for Mans and a dress for Petra....all very sparkly. And now we have a duet from the two of them....very smorgasbord like in Malmo


Justs creates this emotional monster on stage as he leaps around and gives everything to the performance. For me it is slightly over doing things. Yes he has a great voice but this is not how to perform an Aminata song. That said the backdrop is just perfect for this. Sure fire qualifier but no winner....
Lots of crowd cheering for this though...
The graphics look amazing too


Michal always hits the spot for me. Simply effective staging for this seems to work. Nothing none of us have not seen on the promo tour or the rehearsal clips so far. He does seem to come to life on stage with his powerful voice and presence. The real issue is that the song is a bit weak both lyrically and musically. He tries his best but given what he has to work with this is not really doing it for me.
Juries should fall in love with this though.....the emotion in his eyes and connection with the camera is one of the highlights this year.
And words on the backdrop are always a no-no in my world, sorry


Sorry but this is going no where fast. No charism, no charm, nothing at all really. Tonight the blue hair is still there and this time it’s curly, but no amount of whacky clothes, designer hair or anything is saving this from being one of the 8 that go home.
3 minutes I will never get back


Simply perfection from Hovi, great presence, great voice, perfectly suited to this song…the stage really lifts this too, this could really scoop a lot of votes on final night. Yes qualifying and with a good draw on final night who knows?
The earnest emotion that he's given tonight does make me think that Hovi has a lot more to gibe as an artist in the future....and seeing the acrobats on screen for the first time I now get the the inclusion of them on the stage.
Oh and a pyro waterfall.....always love them.....can we have them in every song please?


Amazing staging totally distracts from the weak song here, though IVAN does make good use of all the stage and performs the hell out of it. What would have happened if the guy had been given a half decent song to sing? Oh and the baby is still there. Weirdly.
But it's not all about the staging, it's about the song and this is getting totally lost after Israel and before Serbia
Also we have some missed camera angles tonight with his.....but he bring sit back by hitting all those important notes at the end of the song
And he does look amazingly cool on stage

More Eurovision Taxi moments, with some folks that we know.
While this is quite funny the guest appearances from Lordi really give away that this was totally contrived and constructed, which steal the magic for me


Great song and great vocal BUT and it’s a small but, the staging is so dark that it loses something for me here. I feel ditched from the performance and slightly distracted by he dancer. But toward the end it starts to lift and when the backing vocalists gather around her it pulls it back a bit for me.
She is giving her all to this tonight though. however like Belarus we do have a few missed camera moments tonight too.

Meet and Greet with ManuElla from Slovenia

Liza on Thu, 05/05/2016 - 12:55

Slovenia has a Danish acrobat on stage. It was supposed to be two Slovnians, but for some reason, they couldn't make it. So Jannik from Denmark had basicly less than 3 weeks to rehearse. In Copenhagen everything was perfected, but as the pole in Globen Arena is attached much higher in the roof, he had big troubles with his act.

Slovenia First Rehearsal

ManuElla from Slovenia gets to open the first rehearsal of day 4.

Her outfit has changed from the national final. She is now wearing a long white dress with black touches and long split. The biggest change is of course the revamped song, which opens now with a slightly different opening than its original. That's a pretty high note to sing first thing in the morning. Vocals are good and keep getting better as the song progresses.

As many songs, the backdrop is mainly blue and red during the verses, which is the only fitting colours for this song really. I really think SVT have to rethink the backdrop used for a lot of countries, but this blue and red scheme is getting very annoying now. Not a criticism to Slovenian delegation team however. Bonus point is however that in the chorus, the backdrop has several stills of ManuElla's eyes featured.

In terms of the act, ManuElla is on the stage alone for most of the time, but she's joined halfway through by the Danish acrobat Jannik Baltzer Hattel, who's basically twisting his body around a pole. Not entirely sure what it exactly adds to the message of the song though.

In the third run, pyros have been added to the performance, which kick in during the key change. Those are all around the stage by the way.

Pretty good first rehearsal.