Douwe Bob bar opening in Stockholm

Wonder on Sun, 05/08/2016 - 16:04

Yesterday Douwe Bob had a special of opening his bar in Stockholm where you can drink a beer and listen to a music you retro-pop stuff you should like if you're into Douwe Bob's music, 70s pop-rock and intimate atmosphere while spending a nice evening somewhere out.
A lot of delegations have arrived to check the opening - Russia, Finland, Estonia, Spain, San Marino and many others. Cyprus have got a special present for Douwe - Cypriot pomace brandy.
Later everyone have moved to ground floor and Douwe has performed few songs including "Slow Down", then Amir came up to the stage with a cover of Michel Fugain's "Une belle histoire". The set was finished with all guests singing The Beatles' "Hey Jude" on a small intimate stage.

Douwe Bob bar opening

France- First Rehearsal

CostasP on Sun, 05/17/2015 - 12:41

The graphics and the presentation look really impressive here.It starts up really atmospheric; grey and brown are the main colors and the backdrop shows war ruins. Towards the end of the song drummers appear on stage and walk towards Lisa, accompanied with some more drummers in the backdrop. The ruined city gets slowly "re-built" and transformed, the sky becomes blue and the previously dry trees become green again. It ends up with Lisa and the drummers on the same row raising her fist up. Even if it's obvious that Lisa is holding back, it's still a flawless vocal performance.The bad news is that the purple- dekoltee outfit is less flattering than everything she's had on for her TV performances till now. I am hoping that they'll change it because it kind of ruins the whole performance for me. If they do, this can actually surprise everyone and go high.

France as seen by Keith Mills

I was getting ready for Lisa to go through the motions and for me to write a pretty standard review of this rehearsal but this has been the highlight of the day so far. The only thing I don’t like about this is the rather unflattering and drab purple dress with lace and embroidery sleeves, which make her look like a rugby player in drag, so let’s get that out of the way first. Lisa’s delivery down the camera is a lesson on how to sell a ballad with the perfect balance of emotion and power. A little extra make-up and a more flattering dress and this is perfect. The staging here is just magnificent. It starts by showing a town in war-torn rubble and there are some wonderful camera angles that give a terrific 3D effect. The highlight is when four military drummers come on stage with another dozen others on the screen. They march forward while in the background the village is transformed to a beautiful panorama. This is so simple but it’s the best staged song I’ve seen this year, just ahead of Sweden. Serious Top 10 contender.

France First Rehearsal: Lisa Angell - N'Oubliez Pas

Well well I didn't see that coming from La douce France...

and yes it really is La Douce France, Lisa Angell has completely won me over with the staging of her ballad 'N'Oubliez Pas'.

The backdrop, featuring a ruin, flying doves and drummers is so empowering, it just fills your eyes with tears.

Absolutely stunning visually and vocally from France.

I have nothing more to say!