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Elaiza (Germany) 2nd rehearsal

Mei Finegold and Israeli party

More under the cut (Israel, Georgia, Malta, France, Austria)

Emma Marrone (Italy) at Italian party

Sorry for the poor sound at times. More under the cut.

Eurovillage Monday May 5 - Belarus, Austria, Greece, Lithuania, Slovenia, Spain

Austria, Greece, Lithuania, Slovenia under cut

Irish party videos

Stig Møller+Trio pån Drop Inn

While most of our team members were at Israeli party, I have attended concert in Drop Inn bar of Stig Møller, Peter Ingemann, Hans Fagt and Jens Haack. It was practically impossible to make any photos there, so here is Itsi-Bitsi from other performance of the wonderful trio:

Backing vocalists

This year quite a lot of countries have opted for off-screen backing vocalists, which I personally consider quite contradicting motto of the contest this year #JoinUs. We hope that next year stage will be designed the way that it will not allow hiding backing vocalists behind it.

Can you guess who is who in this poor quality pictures of hidden backing vocalists?

1st dress rehearsal photo

Grand Red carpet video

Mike and the team have been working hard yesterday to get 35 speed-dating interviews of ESC participating artists on red carpet yesterday, and you can watch them all in this video:

03:05 Emmelie De Forest
03:39 Sanna Nielsen - Sweden
04:30 Mei Finegold - Israel (no interview)
04:41 The Common Linnets - The Netherlands
05:52 Sergej Cetkovic - Montenegro
06:30 Vilija Mataciunaite - Lithuania
07:27 Sebalter - Switzerland
08:14 Aram Mp3 - Armenia
09:23 Conchita Wurst - Austria
11:04 Twin Twin - France
12:10 Dilara Kazimova - Azerbaijan
13:38 Teo - Belarus
15:27 Axel Hirsoux - Belgium
16:35 Tijana Dapcevic - Macedonia
17:36 Tanja - Estonia
18:11 Molly Smitten-Downes - UK
19:35 The hosts
20:10 Softengine - Finland
21:11 Mariko & The Shin - Georgia
21:49 Freaky Fortune ft. Riskykidd - Greece
22:46 Andras Kallay-Saunders - Hungary
23:34 Pollaponk - Iceland (no interview)
24:18 Emma Marrone - Italy
25:35 Can-linn ft. Kasey Smith - Ireland
27:17 Aarzemnieki - Latvia
28:39 Firelight - Malta
29:51 Cristina Scarlat - Moldova
31:18 Ruth Lorenzo - Spain
32:25 Hersi Matmuja - Albania
33:30 Carl Espen - Norway
34:19 Donatan & Cleo - Poland
35:11 Suzy - Portugal
36:22 Ovi & Paula - Romania
37:11 Basim - Denmark
38:06 Tolmachevy Sisters - Russia
39:17 Valentina Monetta - San Marino
40:11 Tinkara Kovac - Slovenia
41:14 Elaiza - Germany
42:03 Mariya Yaremchuk - Ukraine

Eurovillage Sunday 4 May - San Marino, Macedonia, Malta, Albania

Macedonia, Matla, Albania under the cut:

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