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Dami Im performs at Australian party

Australia Embassy Reception

ESCKAZ had today the privilege to be invited to and attend the official Australian party organised by the Australian Embassy in Stockholm.

This prestigious event held in Euroclub was kicked off with Swedish food and Australian wine, all courtesy of the Australian Embassy. Introduced by the host and head of delegation Paul Clarke the evening consisted of some introductory speeches, thanking the sponsors and some promo clips from the Australian Tourist board.

Then Dami was introduced herself, with Paul asking her a few questions for the gathered crowd. We also spotted Dami's parents in the audience.

After the chat Dami performed two songs; clips below

Photo Gallery;

Australia Embassy Reception

Meet & Greet with Justs in Eurocafe

ESCKAZ announces team choices for Miss and Mister Eurovision

As usual, every year ESCKAZ team selects our own Miss and Mister Eurovision, the decision is based on everything, not just on the looks, but on the overall personality of the artists. This year, our choices are Nina Kraljić (Croatia) and Freddie (Hungary) and the winners received surprise announcement on that during the Red Carpet event yesterday - see their reaction in the video below.


Hungary meet and greet photos

Messages to Russian speaking fans from Red Carpet

We have asked artists to do a message to Russian speaking viewers, or say some words in Russian.

Red Carpet Opening ceremony part 2

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