Italy second rehearsal

The hall has never been as full as during this rehearsal but that is nothing to be surprised about of course. It all seems to come together a lot more for Italy this second time that they're on stage. Vocally he didn't make much of an effort the first time, but with the second run it sounded a lot better.

The camera work has also been sorted out so Italy is definitely still a favourite...

Italy Second Rehearsal

The camera angles are better for Italy today. And it's a very colourful visual treat.
Francesco is vocally a little bit all over the place today, but we know he can sing, so one shouldn't read too much into this rehearsal.
He is moving a lot around the stage, the gorilla appears and the song and staging provides real party atmosphere. I'm not quite sure yet, if he is winning it all.

Italy First Rehearsal

I needed a bit of time to process what to make of the Italian staging today since the contest favorite requires special scrutiny.
Not much has changed from what we know from San Remo, so I'll just focus on the differences:
- the backdrop has a few more 'esoteric' images to highlight the meaning of the song, westerner's obsession with eastern philosophy, everything is very colourful still.
- Gabbani is joined by backing singers who are wearing different coloured sweaters. They also wave their hand during the dance choreography.

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