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Time to wave goodbye....

Red Carpet Interview Photos

Ok so we came with open hearts and leave with a smile for Portugal and their first win in 500 million years (!!!!) at Eurovision - it’s been a blast - with very big highs, such as the Red Carpet Event, and some very horrible lows, such as missing an interview with France the whole time we were here.

The shows were ok in the end, but without the luxury of watching them back on TV yet we may amend our views on how Kyiv as a host city performed in the most important aspect - the tv!! On the other hand Kyiv itself has transformed from 2005 into a reasonably progressive city. Yes there are still huge issues with corruption here, some strange attitudes to certain things, prostitution is rife and everywhere but all in all it was fun and enjoyable

We missed a lot of the normal crowd that also come to Eurovision - some dear friends skipped this year - but we hope that they will be back for Lisbon and bring their unique slant on the coverage of Eurovision.

Time to go home now and back to reality in the harsh light of Post Eurovision Depression syndrome - still the summer is coming and before w know it Albania will be having their National Final and the whole merry go round will start again

Heading into town now for one last look around and some food and maybe a goodbye from us clip…check back later for that - I’ll add it to this post if we do that

Thanks for watching see you all in Lisbon

We has holy water (AKA Vodka) and we is a little drunk

Well it's Bulgaria's to lose really

But still hoping for Italy to win

Stand-ins show in Euroclub

Last night, while the jury final for this year's grand final Eurovision took place, there was also a very special night in the Euroclub. As you may well know, since a couple of years the organisation uses local stand-in artists for the first rehearsals, without the actual performers from each country having to travel to the host country. This makes it possible to have reduced rehearsal times as we now have had for a few years now. For the stand in rehearsal each chosen stand in practices the lyrics, vocals and choreography, to perform as much as possible like the 'real' artist will do as we can all see in the semi-finals and/or grand final.

It's also been a tradition that these stand ins get to perform for an audience in some sort of way during the Eurovision weeks. From when it started, I've always looked forward to seeing those performances, as some of them are surprisingly good, so I was very eager to see how Ukraine had handled this subject. I was very impressed with the general vocal level of each artist and most of them are also really good performers.

Apart from singing Eurovision songs from this year, some if not most of the singers treated us as well to ESC-songs from earlier years, national final songs and/or well-known international or Ukrainian hits. That is the only thing I would've liked to see differently, there are 42 participating songs in this year's Eurovision so would've loved to see more of them, maybe also the duets and bands, and songs in other languages than English. However, lots of respect and well done to all six performers who took the stage in the Euroclub last night and who knows we'll see them back some year in a national final!

Flag parade rehearsal

The grand final - first dress rehearsal live blog

In about 10 minutes the first dress rehearsal of the grand final will start where we will hear all songs in the new running order for the first time.

Of course I'm here to liveblog it, so stay tuned!

We've started with a 10 minutes delay, as far as I can hear. Unfortunately there's not much I can tell yet about the opening act, as we have no feed from the hall at this moment. Let's hope it changes soon...

OK, so we got to see only a little from it, but I can tell now that we start with all artists being announced and coming on stage.

And we're off to song 1 after a few delays.

Finalists from the 2nd semifinal are

The Netherlands

9/10 for me and how on Earth Estonia didn't make it?

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