Goodbye Lisbon and see you in Jerusalem

Andy on Sat, 05/12/2018 - 23:45

That is the end of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. That was quite an ordinary year with no special highlights or achievements. Israel victory is something opposite to Portugal victory last year, and confirms once again how unpredictable Eurovision is. Hopefully they will build organization-wise on the big success of Israel Calling event.

A few words about organization of this year - there were numerous unhappy posts from my colleagues - I think Portugal coped well for their first opportunity to host a big event like this. A massive downgrade was of course the lack of free transportation cards - I realize this is something we all were taking as a must, when it was not - but then this should have been communicated properly before the Euroweek. To be honest a few of us are leaving country with less than 10 Euros in pockets. Then - a massive security, which was very uncomfortable at times - especially Eurovillage, come on, this is a regular square event for the country and was open every year before Kyiv. Then the list of items that could not be brought in to the press center - umbrellas? drugs without prescription of doctor? (a lot of us got a cold due to changing weather) selfie sticks? I'm amased how in the years with the most tight secutiry surrounding the contest, we still get stage intruders.

And then AGAIN - no interview lists and nobody knew how to handle the interviews properly. Throwing Heads of Delegations out of interview area because they can't give interviews there without booking a room, and they can not book one because all rooms are booked and even can't use chairs in corridor? Really? Sorry, have to mention in a negative way a guy called Pedro who was responsible for the interview rooms. Never in past year we had a problem accessing interview room whenever we wanted it. That's not how the things should be run, sorry man. Little knowing people with power is a problem at many Eurovisions though.

On the positive side - we had loads of free water, coffee and tea, and press-center itself operated in a quite convenient way. I almost saw no volunteers which is a good sign, the best volunteer is the one that is not interfering in the work of press. The Lisboa card was a good addition, but it could have been explained it is not a transport ticket and is in fact valid for 24h. I liked Euroclub a lot - finally back to the real club athmosphere - small, but quite nice. Night transportation was quite convenient if you keep on to schedule. Eurovillage was packed with people and was a success too, Red carpet was quite long but organized good so all those side events worked well. My colleagues especially enjoyed press tour of AMP associates. Oh, and the app. Finally an app which is fully functional and informative. Great job on this.

Lisbon is a great city to visit with excellent music stage - I've attended 4 concerts - 2 of which were of local artists, 1 from US and 1 from Sweden. Amazing time. We also had some great travels around the city. The city itself is a best point of interest - all the museums and other venues with paid entries are mostly done to attract tourists though, so may well be skipped. The best way to explore is just to walk around the city, or get on the public transport (tram or bus) and enjoy views from the window. There are also amazing surroundings so if you're here, don't spend all of your time in Lisbon itself.

It was an OK year for #TeamKAZ. We had a 1.5 mln Youtube views during Euroweek (not counting last two days which statistically should bring even bigger figures), so that was quite successful, considering new rules regarding rehearsals filming.

Semifinals results

Andy on Sat, 05/12/2018 - 23:40

First Semi-Final
1. Israel (283 points)
2. Cyprus (262 points)
3. Czech Republic (232 points)
4. Austria (231 points)
5. Estonia (201 points)
6. Ireland (179 points)
7. Bulgaria (177 points)
8. Albania (162 points)
9. Lithuania (119 points)
10. Finland (108 points)
11. Azerbaijan (94 points)
12. Belgium (91 points)
13. Switzerland (86 points)
14. Greece (81 points)
15. Armenia (79 points)
16. Belarus (65 points)
17. Croatia (63 points)
18. F.Y.R. Macedonia (24 points)
19. Iceland (15 points)

Second Semi-Final
1. Norway (266 points)
2. Sweden (254 points)
3. Moldova (235 points)
4. Australia (212 points)
5. Denmark (204 points)
6. Ukraine (179 points)
7. The Netherlands (174 points)
8. Slovenia (132 points)
9. Serbia (117 points)
10. Hungary (111 points)
11. Romania (107 points)
12. Latvia (106 points)
13. Malta (101 points)
14. Poland (81 points)
15. Russia (65 points)
16. Montenegro (40 points)
17. San Marino (28 points)
18. Georgia (24 points)

Order of voting and spokespersons

Andy on Sat, 05/12/2018 - 12:05

1. Ukraine - Nataliia Zhyzhchenko - Lead singer of 2017 interval act ONUKA
2. Azerbaijan - Asadov Tural - TV presenter
3. Belarus - NAVIBAND - Belarusian Eurovision 2017 participant
4. San Marino - John Kennedy O'Connor - Eurovision historian
5. The Netherlands - OG3NE - Dutch 2017 participant
6. F.Y.R. Macedonia - Jana Burcheska - Macedonian 2017 participant
7. Malta - Lara Azzopardi - Actress and TV presenter
8. Georgia - Tako Gachechiladze - Georgian 2017 participant
9. Spain - Nieves Alvarez - TV presenter and model
10. Austria - Kati Bellowitsch - Radio and TV presenter
11. Denmark - Ulla Essendrop - TV presenter
12. United Kingdom - Mel Giedroyc - TV presenter
13. Sweden - Felix Sandman - Runner-up in Swedish national selection
14. Latvia - Dagmāra Legante - TV presenter and comedian
15. Albania - Andri Xhahu - Radio journalist
16. Croatia - Uršula Tolj - Presenter
17. Ireland - NIcky Byrne - Irish 2016 participant
18. Romania - Sonia Argint-Ionescu - TV presenter
19. Czech Republic - Radka Rosická - Presenter and fashion model
20. Iceland - Edda Sif Pálsdóttir - TV presenter and sports reporter
21. Moldova - Julieta Ardovan - TV journalist
22. Belgium - Danira Boukhriss Terkessidis - TV host
23. Norway - Aleksander Walmann & JOWST - Norwegian 2017 participant
24. France - Élodie Gossuin - TV and radio presenter
25. Italy - Giulia Valentina Palermo - Presenter
26. Australia - Ricardo Goncalves - SBS World News presenter
27. Estonia - Ott Evestus - Singer
28. Serbia - Dragana Kosjerina - Show host and presenter
29. Cyprus - Hovig - Cypriot 2017 participant
30. Armenia - Arsen Grigoryan - Actor and singer
31. Bulgaria - Joanna Dragneva - Bulgarian 2008 participant
32. Greece - Olyna (Olympia) Xenopoulou - Radio and TV presenter, actress
33. Hungary - Bence Forró - TV presenter
34. Montenegro - Natasa Sotra - Director of Science and Children Programme
35. Germany - Barbara Schöneberger - TV presenter
36. Finland - ABREU - Singer
37. Russia - Alsou - Russian 2000 participant and Eurovision 2009 presenter
38. Switzerland - Leticia Carvalho - Teacher and singer
39. Israel - Lucy Ayoub - Journalist and TV presenter
40. Poland - Mateusz Szymkowiak - Journalist
41. Lithuania - Eglė Daugėlaitė - Presenter and journalist
42. Slovenia - Amaya - Slovenian 2011 participant (as Maja Keuc)
43. Portugal - Pedro Ricardo Pacheco Fernandes - Television presenter

Ruslana presents her wild energy

Desiree on Fri, 05/11/2018 - 21:42

Not far from the Altice Arena the Ukrainian winner of the 2004 edition of the ESC took time to speak to the gathered press, with complementary drinks supplied. The press meeting took place in the exclusive Myriad Hotel, on the river shore not far from the Altice Arena.

In her speech she declared that her biggest dream is to unite people from around the world for clean, renewable energy. Ruslana also calls for Eurovision as a source of clean energy as it is needed to win. She has been looking for energy sources in the Carpathian Mountains and wants to stop the deforestation.

Tomorrow she will perform in the Eurovillage as well as during the Grand Final, where she will present her single 'My Mystery'. Her band will be on stage with her during the performance and she will play ancient musical instruments from the Carpathian Mountains.

We also spoke to her briefly after the event. You will find the full speech, the videos she presented as well as our short interview below:

Press event Ruslana in Lisbon

Grand Final Jury Performance Live Blog

ChrisB on Fri, 05/11/2018 - 20:14

Grand Final Jury Performance. Blog will be updated in every break.

Melovin a little nervy in opening verse but recovers quickly and performs with confidence.

Alfred & Amaia did well for juries. Big cheers in arena and press centre.

Slovenia not on top of her game today. Arena loved the break.

Lithuania lacked a bit intensity for juries, but vocals were good.

Austria with more confidence than before. Clap along treatment.

Estonia lost control on one note. Rest was flawless.

Norway. Rybak gives a more serious performance for juries telling them how to write a song with energy.

Portugal. Claudia gives a very emotional performance for juries reminding them, after Norway, that they are watching a program for adults who care about music.

UK. SuRie very secure doing the best she can hoping for a storm on jury scorecards.

Serbia sounds as good as before.

Germany. Schulte not as relaxed as in rehearsals. But good vocals and lifts song with ad-libbing. I have a hunch juries will go for this big.

Albania. Juries brought Eugent to the final and he thanks them with another professional performance.

France. Arena choreo worked very well and juries could go for the stylish look+song.

Czech. Better today than on Tuesday. Also cooler if that was possible

Denmark. The Vikings showed up for juries in fine form.

Australia. Jessica took quite a few risks here and it worked out. Better than she has been before.

Finland. Saara always shows up when it matters. Excellent performance.

Bulgaria. Some outfit adjustments. Fine vocals, slightly overselling and zhana should make sure the mic stays close to her mouth for final note.

Moldova. Having seen this many times now it gets harder to assess. As before I guess.

Sweden. It took them some time, but the sound of backing vocals has finally arrived at studio version level. Well done Sweden.

Hungary. Voice held up. Impressive.

Israel. Netta found a good balance today.

The Netherlands. Waylon is always excellent.

Ireland. Ryan on a wave of euphoria from recent hype. God vocals.

Cyprus. If juries go for slick powerful A-list performances they can't overlook Eleni.

Italy. Very relaxed and good performance from Meta Moro.